User Research for Product Managers and Product Designers

About the course

Which research method to use for each product?

There is a vast array of user research methods to choose from, but which method is right for which situation? Several organizations are familiar with tools such as surveys, ethnographic field studies, A/B testing, interviews. How can Product Designers and Product Managers know which tool and method is needed at different design or development steps?


This course is delivered by a team of international experts on user research and usability.

  • 2 days of training
  • 6-8 participants
  • Training cost of 1250 € (TTC)
  • Certification of attendance
  • Course language: English
  • Training cost can be covered by the French state (FNE, OPCO). Our team will assist you in the process

We believe in the pragmatic application of conventional wisdom. We’re not zealots about coding methodologies, but we have learned first-hand that some 


Who is this training for?

■ Product Managers who want to improve the experience of their products
■ Product Designers
■ UX Designers
■ User Researchers

What you will learn

During this training, you will be introduced to the following methods and examine when they can be used

  • Interviews
  • Ethnographic field studies
  • Online surveys: Pop-up and email
  • Desirability studies: Qualitative and quantitative
  • Usability benchmarking
  • Online user experience assessments
  • Participatory design
  • Focus groups
  • Eyetracking
  • Customer feedback via email
  • Social media mining
  • Card sorting
  • Analytics + AB testing
  • Data analysis for qualitative methods

About the instructor

George Kalmpourtzis

George Kalmpourtzis is an award-winning User Experience & Games Consultant and Educator. Finding himself between the fields of education, game studies and user experience, he has been founder, director and board member of several European design studios and consulting agencies. He has designed and produced numerous games (primarily for education) and conducted usability studies for a diverse portfolio of projects and contexts. George is currently helping design teams around the globe set-up their own creative processes and bring user-centred creative problem solving in the spotlight of design. George also holds bachelor’s degrees both in education and engineering, a master’s degree in information systems and a PhD in design pedagogy.

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