Enterprise Design Thinking

2-day course

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Training description

Create products and services that meet your clients' needs

Market and research studies show that a user centred design approach can help improve product design and organizations’ customer experience. However in reality, it may be difficult to prioritise the competing needs of organizational teams, technical stacks and marketing objectives, while keeping one’s users centre stage.


This training aims at helping organizations design a user experience strategy to focus its teams on what the user wants and needs, through a Design Thinking approach.


This two-day training will give you a solid understanding of the principles and research methods that form the basis for user centred design (UCD). It is well accepted that this approach to design and product development can result in better solutions that are welcomed by users and customers.

  • What you will learn
  • What user experience and user centred design (UCD) involve
  • Overview of user centred design and terminology
  • Applying a Design Thinking strategy in your organization
  • Understanding user research

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